27 April 1994 marked the day the new South Africa was born. It was the day all South Africans got the right to vote for the first time. In the spirit of that prestigious day we came together and reminded each other that our right to vote is something worth celebrating.

To bring this to life we created a social media campaign where we chose two of Nando’s most popular meals that usually retail for R39,95 and let South Africa vote for their favourite. The winner would be available for the special price of R19,94 only on Freedom Day.

The week-long voting campaign received thousands of votes across Facebook and Twitter, and we provided daily updates. Radio support helped spread the word.

After voting closed the winner was announced: A quarter chicken and chips for only R19,94. On 27 April thousands of eager chicken lovers around the country queued, much like they did in 1994, to enjoy the Freedom Day Meal they voted for. The meal sold out at every Nando’s around the country and everyone was reminded that democracy never tasted this good.

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