Hello, I'm Neil. 🤝
A Creative Director, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
My journey began in the film world where I dreamed of being a commercials director. I worked as a creative researcher for some of the world's most well-respected directors, learning their craft and attention to detail. It soon became apparent that the story extended far beyond just the film. And so I pursued a career in copywriting instead.
Naturally, this led me to the role of creative director where I believe my biggest strengths lie: guiding, exploring, and expanding creative thinking. 
My point of view is that a brand experience is never just one thing. It's always everything. From its social media presence to its website to its big TV ads to its internal culture, and everything in between. 
I'm here to offer a big-picture view of brands and how they show up in the world. A consistent, well-defined voice and a distinctive personality are going to be what sets your brand apart.
The creative area I'm most interested in is where physical and digital experiences overlap and blur their respective functions. 
Awards are here 🏆
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