Marmite conducted research to better understand the South African youth market and what they thought about Marmite. The results were astonishing - Marmite had very little relevance to current youth culture, a large proportion of which didn't even know about Marmite, aside from it's iconic logo design. It turned out that kids aren't being raised on Marmite anymore. Back in the day, if your parents ate Marmite, you ate Marmite. This pattern seems to have stopped and there is now a whole generation of people who don't know that Marmite exists. So this got Marmite thinking - Yes, moms ask awkward questions, embarrassing you in front of your friends, often disallowing you from doing things you want to do, for fear of losing you to the dark side. Mothers pull the wool over your eyes because they want to protect you. But they know best and they know what's good for you. Or do they?
With the strategic platform in place, Marmite begged the question:
"If Mother didn't tell you about Marmite, what else didn't she tell you?"
This premise lead to the concept's almost infinite campaign ability of 'things your mother didn't tell you about', generating content that is cool, relevant, interesting and informative. The 'If Mother didn't tell you about Marmite, what else didn't she tell you?' campaign is digitally based, with a central website that publishes a fact a day that your mother probably never told you. The facts range from things your mother wouldn't tell you because she wanted to protect you, to things she never told you simply because she wasn't cool enough to know about it. Each fact was numbered with a hash tag, used elsewhere in print ads, animated online banners bus shelters.
Numbered from 1 to 365, if a numbered fact lives in print, it links back directly to the website. Pages can be clicked through, as viewers engage daily with the facts, with the ability to share them on Facebook and Twitter. If a viewer thinks that they have something to contribute, the 'Tell Us Something We Don't Know' tab can be clicked, sending an email to Marmite.
Creative Director: Jake Bester
Art Director: Dani Loureiro
Designers: Andrew Ringrose, Dani loureiro
Illustrators: Dani Loureiro/ Michael Tymbios
Writer: Gisele Human, Neil Meyer, Craig Walford
Digital Development: Milk
Marmite Website- brining you 365 things your mother didn't tell you
Mobile site
Bloggers PR Pack
As a part of our "if Mother didn't tell you about Marmite, what else didn't she tell you?" campaign we created bespoke, completely unique Marmite blogger packs, custom designed and inspired by ten of the most relevant bloggers in South Africa. The blogger packs consisted of uniquely designed labels, front and back, with tag lines inspired by the blog,  as well as a ‘fact of the day’ written on the backlabel . The packs also consisted of a jar of ink, an ink dip pen, a laser-engraved Moleskine with handwritten introduction,customized stickers and a t-shirt with an original Dark Days design on it,linked back to the website by the hash tagged number.

The design fit into the traditional parameters of the Marmite label, and was inspired by the look and feel of the blog, using their colours, iconic graphics and visual cues as a basis of inspiration. The attention to detail can be seen in the fact that each one is uniquely designed; yet closely related to the original Marmite label design. The tag line and writing was informed by the blog itself, taking cues from their writing style, their content and their attitude. The fact on the back was relevant to each blogger,which correlated to the graphic element used in the design.

The tactical use of bloggerswas relevant to this campaign because bloggers have been doing what we endeavorto do with this campaign for years. They are the original ‘If Mother didn’t tell you about Marmite, what else didn’t she tell you?’ providers of the unknown. We wanted to speak to bloggers with a digitally savvy audience, who are constantly talking about brands, but are never spoken about. We thus featured them on our site, writing about their blogs, and saluting them for their socially savvy, up to date nature.

Marmite trended on twitter for 2 days when this pack when live
Each Blogger and their custom designed pack was featured on the marmite website
Twitter Page
Page Take-overs  and Flash animated banners
Bus Shelters
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